Music Release Strategy for Artists
A photo of the Release Strategy in its full glory!
A photo of the Worksheet, modelled by Aubrey Whitfield herself!
A preview shot of the template Press Release included as a customisable document with the Release Strategy
A sample of the Worksheet which links directly to the strategy so you can easily tick off tasks as they are done

Music Release Strategy for Artists

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Are you an artist who releases their own music? Are you not getting enough streams of your songs or not generating enough interest?

Then this 27 page release strategy written by one of the UK's most successful female Record Producers will guide you through the process to maximise the success of your singles, EPs and albums.

The guide features:

- an informative and up-to-date 25 step guide which will talk you through digital distribution, Spotify, social media scheduling, royalty collection, pre-saves and marketing, all detailed in chronological order and over 7 different phases of your release

- Features over 60 recommended services and useful links for artists

- A  'worksheet' which links to the strategy so you can tick off your tasks throughout the release process

- A customisable Press Release template for your releases

- A guide to getting into the Official Charts

- A social media planning guide to maximise the exposure of your release on social media

The strategy comes in PDF format and is instantly downloadable. Also includes a separate PDF worksheet and Press Release template in Word Doc. format.